First aid for sunburn

Simple and effective measures for sunburn-do it as quickly as possible after the burn.To reduce the burning pain - massage the skin with natural home-made emollients. You can also use essential oils. These are the best at reducing pain.If the pain is unbearable, you will need to stop the massage and ask your partner or friend to do it. often. If a massage is not possible or you are very tired, then after the massage stop and lie on your back on a comfortable bed.Drink warm drinks with lots of juice. Everyone is recommended to drink water with lemon or grapefruit after sunburn. Important!It is very important to lie down on your back on a comfortable bed and call for help if necessary. as much sun as possible. It is best to have a sun protection product - it protects against UV rays. This article is for informational purposes only. Before using the information provided in it for more information, please consult your doctor.If you liked our article, we will be happy if you share it on your social media pages.